5 Best Ways to Dry Wet Carpet after Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet can be a real chore. But it’s worth it to get that fresh, new feeling in your home. However, when you’re done cleaning and the carpet is still wet, what do you do? Here are five of the best ways to dry wet carpet quickly and efficiently.

1. Air Circulation

If there are enough doors and windows in your house, then do not worry about drying. Let the fresh air come into your room to do wonders. It is also a great method to prevent bad odor and mold growth in the room. You can also use cross circulation if two windows are opposite each other. It makes the process easier.

However, the weather plays a vital role. If the condition is humid or cloudy, it makes things tougher.

2. Using a Blower

If the weather is humid, and you do not want to hire a water damage carpet drying expert, then please use a blower to resolve the issue. Besides that, ceiling fans work great in this situation. It creates a layer of air over the carpets, and when the air is blowing, it automatically dries the carpets. However, if the room is large, a fan is not sufficient. You can rent fans and blowers from the local rental stores.

3. Air-Conditioning Facilities

You can use an air conditioner to create airflow in your room. Please apply this only when the previous two methods are not working. Moreover, the overall drying cost will increase in this process because the running costs of air conditioners are more than blowers or ceiling fans.

When the weather outside does not support the previous method, the air conditioner will do the best. After drying, the carpet will be cold, so it would be tough to know whether your carpet is dry or cold.

4. Dry the Padding

When drying the carpets, many homeowners neglect the padding part of the item. Professionals focus more on padding; when they extract the right amount of moisture from the water damage carpet padding, they move on to other sections.

If you want to do it in your home, start from a corner because corners are easier to pull back. Please use pliers to pull the fibers of the carpets, and it provides a grip. Consider the following things for better results.

  • Try blowing air between padding and carpets.
  • Use a dehumidifier to boost the process. It extracts the moisture out of the carpets.
  • Now use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to speed up the drying process.

5. Dry Using Towels

Moreover, you can spread towels to dry the area. When you face such an issue, please use towels that are made of absorbent fabrics for the best result. You need to walk over the towels, and it needs a little physical effort. After that, when you notice the towels are getting wet, please replace the towels with a new one. Please focus more on the padding section because it takes time to dry.

Drying carpet becomes easier with advanced tools and training. So professional cleaning services ensure better results because they use the latest tools and equipment.

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