Carpet Shampooing Vs. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning vs carpet shampooing

Steam cleaning and regular shampooing are the traditional cleaning methods. Shampooing generates foam that attracts dirt. On the other hand, steam cleaning works in combination with pressure and heat. Indeed, both these methods have several pros and cons. Today, we are going to cover these in detail.

You can implement these methods in your home. However, you may choose a professional carpet cleaning service provider in Sydney for a better result.

What is Steam Cleaning?

It heats up the water up to 150 degrees Celsius and applies the steam to the carpets. Many customers think hot water extraction (HWE) and steam cleaning are the same methods, but the truth is, they are different methods. The only similarity is that both of these methods need hot water.

For steam cleaning, the steam comes out with high pressure to break the deep embedded dirt and germs. After that, a powerful vacuum suction extracts the contaminants from the fibers.

It is suitable for cleaning mold, germs, and viruses. It does not use direct water, so the carpets dry quickly. However, if you prefer to deep clean the carpets, then HWE is the best way.

What is Hot Water Extraction?

It uses direct hot water to rinse the fibers better than steam cleaning. Moreover, it uses special chemical compounds to break the dirt and germs; after that, hot water plays its role. It takes a few days to dry, but it is the best cleaning method available in Australia.

We hope you have understood the difference between steam cleaning and HWE. Now we will shift our focus to regular cleaning.

What is Carpet Shampooing?

It uses chemical solutions to create foam on the carpets. Then specialists use a revolving brush to break dirt, soil and other contaminants. After that, the carpets are left to dry, and experts use vacuums to collect the dirt. It is a traditional method of removing tough stains and dirt. However, if you hire professional services for such cleaning, they involve two cleaning approaches. These are:

Cylindrical Foam Machine

A machine works with an air compressor to produce dry foam on the carpets. It also comes with a brush that helps to remove the dirt on carpet fibers.

Rotary Shampoo machine

A revolving brush machine comes with a dispensing tank that releases the cleaning shampoo. It is applied after the foam solution.

Difference between Steam Cleaning and Shampooing

Let’s find the difference between these methods. This section will help you to choose a suitable cleaning method.

Chemical Used

The steam cleaning method does not use chemical compounds, but shampooing needs chemical compounds. Please make sure you have selected the right shampooing formula to clean your carpets; unnecessary or excessive use of chemicals may damage the carpet.

Drying Time

Shampooing uses direct water, so it takes one day to dry properly. However, it depends on the severity of the damage. On the other hand, carpets need only 15-20 minutes of drying time after steam cleaning.


Steam cleaning and HWE are the best deep cleaning methods. However, shampooing cannot eliminate 100% of the pollutants. If you want to remove adhesive residue, then shampooing can be a better choice than steam cleaning.


Steam cleaning equipment is more complicated than shampooing machines. Please note that market steam cleaners will not provide the same level of cleaning as industry-grade machines. It has several accessories such as squeegees, fragrance disc, mop pads, nozzles and comes in various sizes, powers, and warranty periods.


HWE or steam cleaning is more expensive than regular shampooing. You should consult with a service provider for more information.


Carpet shampooing is an easier method to implement, so you may not need professional assistance. However, steam cleaning is a complex solution, so you should consult with an expert for deep cleaning treatment.

Focus on Sanitization

Carpet shampooing is more effective against heavily soiled items such as carpets in high traffic areas, so it is less focused on sanitization. However, steam cleaning is more effective against germs and viruses. That is why you should choose the method wisely.

Cleaning Duration

Shampooing takes more time than steam cleaning because technicians need to apply the formula then suck it back from the fibers, but steam cleaning is a more machine-centric approach with less drying time.

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