How to Clean up after Sewage Backup (4 Easy Steps)


Sewage backup can happen when the septic tank of your house overflows. It can also happen if there is a clog in the city sewer lines. If you face this issue, do not waste time applying DIY solutions; please call professional sewage cleanup services on an urgent basis. Water spreads very quickly, so you have to control it as early as possible.

The dangerous thing is it contains bacteria, viruses and parasites. When it happens, please keep your kids and pets away. Professionals understand the risk associated with this cleanup process, so they use protective gear to do this process for you. Most importantly, they work one area at a time, so the process goes smoothly.

What to Do After Sewage Backup 

First, let us tell you what you should do after the catastrophe; please follow the guidelines:

  • Switch off the utility power supply.
  • Keep children, seniors, away from the situation.
  • Wear personal protective equipment.
  • Open windows and doors for air circulation.
  • Add chlorine bleach to standing water.
  • Take some photos to claim insurance later.
  • Call professional sewage cleanup services.

4 Steps to Clean Sewage  

Here we are providing you with a step-by-step guide to clean sewage, but if you do not have the training, please do not apply this at your home or locality.

Step 1 

Find the source of the black water and block the water by any means. If the level of water increases, use a pump to remove it. Move all your furniture and important documents away from the area.

Step 2

If the sludge of the sewer backup remains in the wall, please remove it with a water jet or hose pipe; if necessary, use a vacuum, fans and blowers. After that, wash down the walls with clean water and apply disinfectant on the walls.

Step 3

Please clean floors with water and disinfectant. Rub walls and floors to kill all the bacteria and prevent mould growth. Please open all the windows and doors to maintain proper air circulation. Most importantly, to avoid excess and hidden moisture, you should use dehumidifiers. It helps you to dry out the floors and walls quickly.

Step 4

Please take a hot shower after cleaning up and wash all parts of the body. Black water may lead to chronic diseases. Do not drink, smoke during this process.

Now you have completed the process. If it is minor damage, you can apply it, but we recommend you to call professional sewage clean up services for the best result.

Besides that, it is a troublesome and time taking task. Professionals do this task for you. They are equipped with advanced materials like moisture detectors, industry-grade pumps, truck-mounted machines and dehumidifiers; they can ensure better cleaning and prevent mould growth. After the water extraction and drying process, they clean, sanitize and deodorize the area before handing it over to the property owner.

When to Call for Professional Support

You may not have this advanced equipment, so it is always better to call a professional. Here are some situations when hiring a professional are necessary.

If the backflow has occurred more than 24 hours and you have not taken any serious step, then the viruses have already spread, and it has become the breeding ground for black mould. Now it is the time to call a professional to ensure your property is safe.

In a case where the black water comes in contact with the air conditioning system, it may lead to a big issue if you do not hire professionals for a duct cleaning service. Please remember the longer the contaminated water stays in your home, the more the risk of health hazards.

In case of property damage, you may not get the claim of insurance, but you can restore the property with the help of professionals. If you find black mould or wood rot, please do not waste time because all these fungi spread very quickly and damage the whole structure of your property. Call professional services to restore your property quickly.

Professional service helps you to avoid all these hazards and ensure the safety and hygiene of your property. The experts have seen many situations like these, and they can respond very quickly to have a specialized cleaning.

Professionals also help in the following services

  • Water extractions from the damaged area
  • Remove liquid and solid waste and put them in a safe place
  • Carpet cleaning services to keep your carpets fresh and new.
  • Guide you during insurance claims.

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